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Gingham Check:

These can be described as plain-woven fabric with alternating checks, usually white and coloured, which can be found on men's shirts. Germany, France and America all say they found the fabric.


This is a chevron pattern located in a wool twill fabric. The pattern is crafted by the way the fabric is woven. Tweed cloth is most often with a herringbone pattern.


This is a pattern that is in distinctive broken checks, which is often in black and white and looks just like a dog's incisor. You can find it in suits and more.


Jeans are one of the most common pieces of clothing known to mankind. They are casual trousers crafted from denim, which is a rugged cotton twill. The term 'jeans' originates from the French 'Bleu de Gênes', which means blue of Genoa, from the port in which Italian sailors wore them in the 19th century.


These are unisex shoes, although seen more on men, fastened with laces, as the name suggests. They are seen as the epitome of class among shoes and are also known as formal.