Louis Vuitton has just announced that French actress, Lea Seydoux, who’s been linked to Prada and Miu Miu, is the new face of the international fashion brand.

Lea who looks beautiful in literally anything, with international presence, which recently catapulted with her role as a Bond girl in “,” joins Alicia Vikander, Michelle Williams, Jennifer Connelly and Doona Bae as the spokesperson for a brand she describes as  “a strong symbol of French elegance.”

According to the brand, the French beauty’s first official duty as its ambassador will take place on Jan. 12 at the UNICEF ball in Los Angeles accompanied by creative director, Nicolas Ghesquière, wearing a custom gown of his design.

According to Seydoux; "I feel extremely proud at the thought of representing such a strong symbol of French elegance, an iconic brand whose initials are known the world over," said Seydoux.

Part of her official duties will include, ad campaigns for the label. We look forward to seeing what Lea and her sister, stylist Camille Seydoux, cook up with the unlimited access to LV gowns they now have.