The Muse Factory (the ready to wear arm) sprung out of Designer's Muse a purely luxe fabric supplying brand. Designer's Muse started out filling the gap between the designer and their clients. The brand stocked high end fabrics that were patronized by Nigerian designers who made use of those for different pieces.

The fast rising womenswear's Spring/Summer 2017 collection tagged 'Freedom' is everything impressive and nests the brand perfect as one to take off and get better from here judging by what I see on Instagram already.

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Making an impressive display of frills, ruffles,frayed hems in the most chic and dramatic way.  Making a case for 3D embroidery and sheer on the unmissable pieces in warm and summery hues the collection seals her place as one in tune with the fashion industry.

The collection features an effortless mix of both casual and ornate pieces for the modern muse. She explores body grazing dresses in the wildest yet sensual ways ever making a show of a timeless muse's style.

Playsuits with edgy yet sensual details, unconventional peplum hems, the not your regular type of maxi dresses, the pants with an attitude, the frilly sets and those designs that were not spared major details fill the collection.

The brand catered to high end as her one-of-a-kind fabrics didn't come cheap, with the brand you were assured of getting rare fabrics in the lush-est designs but one thing was obvious, the creative director's heart lies with designing; actually creating pieces.

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My first encounter talking at length with Rashidat Hamza; creative director of Designers Muse and The Muse Factory (a few years back now) was when I had to visit her standalone that housed the factory back then to source for fabric (before now I'd always ordered via phone and she's delivered promptly) and I saw a creative 'about to be birthed'.

She spoke glowingly about creating pieces and designing one of a kind pieces, I remember she mentioned having Toke Makinwa as muse (wearing her designs) and surprisingly in recent times she's created most of Makinwa's bold looks in recent times.

She spoke about the Nigeria fashion industry and how difficult it was to break into (amongst other things I can't remember) but she was ready to make something work and kick off her creative work and she started... with bespoke pieces.

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Collections later she's ready to take on the fashion designing scene. Her past Resort (2015 and 2016) Collections were hits, she didn't hold back on presentation/styling and the designs were impressive but with the new Spring/Summer collection she's raised the ante yet again.

One thing that will obviously get the brand going is the creative director's eye for the best fabrics, details and designs! She just loves to create and she comes artistic as well with an imagination that runs...

With this collection, the brand has come into her own, one can only hope she keeps it up (I have no doubt though honestly) but again time will tell!