Alternative label Lagos Space Programme showed at Day 2 of

The beauty of fashion week is the range of designers; each with their own unique aesthetics. Lagos Space Programme is a relatively new label by designer Adeju Thompson.

Lagos Space Programme is unlike anything we have seen some down the Lagos Fashion Week runway and if this collection is anything to go by, there's so much more to come. We have entered a new era in menswear which is not bound by the rules of old and allows men the freedom to express themselves completely through their style.

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Lagos Space Programme's manifesto reads:

We will always create objects that promote a sense of national pride, we are Nigerians! Although we create clothes in a globalised world and are inspired by sub-cultures and movements that don't necessarily originate from Nigeria, all our references are always filtered through a Nigerian lens.

In this post-duchampian era, the creative have developed this power to declare whatever he/she has made as art. Lagos Space Programme however does not create art, we simple creat beautifully crafted clothes as objects and we are very okay with this!

We are a team and this is clearly shown on our labels. Akin to cinema credits, every hand involved in making a Lagso Space Programme object shall be credited always.

Lagos Space Programme is an ethical movement: we will always focus on craftsmanship, Japanese and African typologies. A return to  the idea of durable, long-lasting clothing and artisinal sensibilities that are sustainable!

We will never conform to the fashion system. We will instead find ways to make the system work for us.

Lagos Space Programme is for every(body) and every-body!

We would articulate wonder and record life through clothes.

We will always state our references, we will never be ashamed of this.

Lagos Space Programme must not create fashion that is obviously Nigerian in its visual presentation.