After receiving serious backlash over the - if you missed it check it here- which saw celebrities reacting via various social media, Dolce & Gabbana has unveiled a stunning campaign featuring beautiful families.

Fast forward to the brand's Fall/Winter 2015 campaign and family takes centrestage. Done in bright and bold colours, models were featured in different age ranges and ethnicities.

In some shots, models were eating spaghetti and some took selfies with jewel encrusted  headphones and Iphone cases.

Models featured in the campaign include; Tami Williams, Ashleigh Good, Monica Belluci, Sara Choi, Esmeralda Seay Reynolds.

Either the brand learnt from a past mistake or the 'controversy' was roused for publicity, one of those definitely influenced the campaign, no? What do you think?

Check on the beautiful campaign above.