The 3rd edition of the

AFWN (Africa Fashion Week Nigeria) is a unique platform that celebrates the best of Africa, showcasing her creativity and colours to the world, bringing about positive vibes of all that's wonderful and beautiful and stylish and creative about us, is 3 years- and we remember with joy and fondness, warmth in our hearts and glints in our eyes, the first edition in 2014, when we debuted. It still seems like yesterday.

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This year's edition of the annual fashion extravaganza is a salute to creativity and uniqueness, it would be a festival starting from Lagos, Nigeria as the hub in July of 2016 (AFWN 2016) and climaxing in London (a renowned world's fashion capital) at the 6th edition of the AFWL at the Olympia, West Hall, Kensington in September, 2016.

The fashion week will be celebrating the best of fashion, with a unique tag 'Connecting Africa to the world' it's not just about being a big fish here, it's about exploiting ones gift and launching it to the world connecting Lagos (Africa) to London (Europe/the World).

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From Lagos to London, highly creative and very talented designers from all over Africa (Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Botswana, Uganda, Gambia etc) and the diaspora will be featured.

The Lagos event is slated for the Eko Hotel from July 1st- 3rd 2016. While the London event is slated for September, 2016.

Apart from enjoying unprecedented media exposure (online and offline-print), your brand would be featured on all our media platforms both national and international, which includes our all colour, all gloss editions, 5000 copies of which we share out for free.

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"We are more than joyous that the stable is expanding gradually, from AFWL (Africa Fashion Week London) going to 6 years now and a colossal success (already tagged as the biggest platform in Europe for African inspired fashion), NNTD (Nigeria's Next Top Designer) our platform that seeks to encourage creativity amongst student designers hitting the 2nd year (our last winner went on to win at the Music Meets Runway of 2014 and is right now in the USA building on her fashion career), we are gradually and more assuredly stamping out footmarks upon the sands of history by creating a platform for would be economic giants of the future (in the fashion industry)" Ronke Ademiluyi, the creator and founder of the world Africa Fashion Week London revealed about the showcase.