"Third Thursdays", a monthly mixer hosted by Ringier Africa Digital Publishing (RADP), took place on May 17, 2018, among guests who share the companys value for partnerships.

The May edition of RADP's monthly mixer, ThirdThursdays, celebrated workers in the digital space by entertaining guests with a quiz on the digital industry and a lively discussion on the importance of healthy living while navigating the fast-paced environment that is the industry, and indeed, Lagos itself. The games were hosted by RDMAcademy, the learning arm of Ringier and the health discussion by Total Health Trust (THT) a health care service provider.

A THT representative, Dr. Anu Martins, came on board to share knowledge with the guests on the importance of cultivating organic eating habits, working out and ensuring that one limits habits that do not do well to improve our physical, emotional and mental welfare.

It was an educating and enlightening talk that reminded the guests about living a healthy lifestyle despite heavy demands from the work place.

Reps of RDM Academy, which offers world class trainings in digital marketing, with an extensive range of courses, engaged guests with witty teasers which offered winners  chances to win tickets to watch the latest Marvel blockbuster “Deadpool.”

The night later progressed to a beautiful performance by singer, Maka, a fast rising singer in Nigeria's alte-scene who has earned the praises of some of Nigeria's finest industry tastemakers.

She introduced herself to the audience with her song ‘Don’t you walk away,' a track she revealed has not made it to the studio. Her intimate performance also explored the pain and complexity of being in a toxic relationship on her song, ‘Circle.'' Her performance set a very soulful mood amongst guests and it aided in providing that platform needed to foster more productive partnerships  with RADP’s partners.

We can't also forget about the DJ of the night who goes by the name, Aye. The young DJ has been lighting up the scene with his innovative and spontaneous mixes at concerts and festivals and this night was no different. Performing a high-energy set at the event,  clad in his signature style: grey shorts, black t-shirt and sneakers, DJ Aye showed guests why he has been hailed by some as the next Diplo or Avicii from Africa.

The energetic Aye told the reps of THT that his performance is a form of exercise and he surely proved them right when he got on the turntables, started spinning while dancing and engaging everyone in an unforgettable performance. Guests were truly amazed at his style and their excitement, coupled with his vibrant display of jockeying skills had everyone wild with awe.

It was surely another evening of great networking and the  improved itinerary further allowed for a truly interactive mixer.