The opening ceremony of the

This years edition themed 'Music Makes People' ‘kicked off with the filmmaker Abba Makama 'Green White Green' Nigeria premiere, The long week event continues today with unabashed display of works of film that speak to the power of music and indeed other art forms to create love, express sorrow, build bridges and end wars. come experience a feast that is dedicated to screening the very best of emerging, fresh, independent African cinema and in particular celebrating the musical voice of film.

The Lights, Camera, Africa!!! Film Festival, through its consistently bold representation of diverse African cinema shares its 6th edition with a theme that is perhaps the most appropriate motifs for its native city; Lagos.

Featuring the famous Festival Souk, inter-disciplinary showcases of literature, visual art and live music, the festival promises to be one of a lifetime..  Make it a date to be part of this awesome experience.