The last edition of Don’t Drop the Mic (DDTM) for the month of October was packed as usual. The audience came with high expectations for their weekly fix of quality entertainment and fun filled activities; and of course they were far from disappointed.

Chocolate City’s Pryse gave a surprise appearance, debuting one of her new singles, which was well received by the audience because of its relatable subject matter. “You go talk true when they bring light!!”, became a popular chant across the crowd as she went from the captivating chorus to her punch lined filled verses.  Other highlights of the night included the “Na Wash” game, where artists had to convince an audience member that they were worthy enough to marry her daughter.

DDTM stars Eclipse and Lyrical Shocker both got standing ovations after their enthusiastic performances.  All in all it was yet another memorable night, with most of the crowd hanging on after hours for the usual DDTM jam session that takes place after the main show.

The next edition of Don’t Drop The Mic is scheduled for the 7th of November; and as the DDTM movement gains momentum in its bid to revolutionise musical creativity; it is certainly an event to look forward to.