BAE a 4 days event split between 2 months with 100 startup SME brands in the creative industry, exhibition of 5000+ different creative products and thousands of shoppers, Conference/Training, Dinner, media, 2 five star venues in the city of Lagos, it doesn’t get any bigger.

EXHIBITION holds on the 4 – 5 of December, 2015, at the National Stadium, Surulere.


  • To provide a significant platform where African creative entrepreneurs can be empowered to upscale their operations, expand income generation, get trained, get mentored and get out of poverty.
  • To create a platform and a support mechanism for the creative sector of
  • To create an interface where creative brands can network with consumers and build mutually benefiting relationships.


BAE Is focused on 100 creative SME brands to include but not limited to:

Beads/Jewelry makers | Shoe makers | Bags & wallets | Fashion, Stylist, Designers | Photography | Painters | Sculptors | Culinary/Confection crafts | Beauty products | etc.


This is a post-exhibition conference and dinner for all the 100brands that participated in the exhibition, stakeholders and friends.

THEME: Strengthening SMEs for Growth and Stability.

The Idea: For any business to grow, it is critical to understand best practices, legal imperatives, funding, corporate tones, branding, and so many more. This conference is designed to educate, empower, guide, coach and help participants’ jumpstart their businesses for growth and stability.

FACILITATORS: Will be drawn from different sectors including banking, Insurance, Legal, Corporate Affairs, Brand/Image Consulting, Advertising, and so on.

FINALE: Will be a dinner with the participants, stakeholders, friends, families and VIPs.

This conference is scheduled to hold on the 5 while the dinner holds on the 6 of February 2016.