Having an internship is one of the best ways to gain experience and set up your career as an undergraduate.

Doing an internship can help sell you to future employers and here are five reasons you need to look for one and take it seriously.

1. It helps you set up your career

How much do you want to make? Think about it before you choose your career path.
How much do you want to make? Think about it before you choose your career path.

If you know the type of job you want after graduation, having internships on that job is very important to establish your career goals. This helps you to gain needed skills and relevant experience you'll need to be a valuable employee.

2. It boosts your CV

Prospective employers expect to see a good set of professional skills and experience to the table. This is why they ask for two or three years of experience. Where do they expect you to get experience as a fresh graduate? Internship.

You'll need your internship experience to beef up your CV to impress your prospective employers.

3. You get professional feedback

While you get a lot of feedback as an undergraduate from your lecturers based on your academic performances, you probably haven't received feedback from someone who’s actually working in the field you're being trained on. This is why internship is very important to your career development because you may not get any professional advice or tips from anyone if you don't intern.

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4. You learn by observation

Rather than learning about office culture and industry from the classroom, an internship allows you to learn and gain the inside knowledge of the field just by being physically present in an office.

You can learn a lot by participating in meetings and also through your interactions with colleagues.

5. You make valuable connections

Your three months or six months internship will provide you with many valuable connections and you need to take advantage of them. Introduce yourself to as man people as possible. Make friends with them and get their contacts.

After your internship ends, stay in touch with them, you might be the first they will remember when job openings pop up.