Rev Funke Adejumo asks church members to sow a seed of N1 million in order to have stupendous wealth.

The preacher, who is becoming increasingly popular for her seed sowing demands, can be seen making this statement in a recent clip uploaded on Instagram by Daddy Freeze.

In it, she says, "I've not taken permission from Pastor Poju because I am freeing my spirit in this house. I want to help some of you to move to your next level financially and I want to help you in 2018.

"Whether you've done it before or not it doesn't matter. You are going to give God N1 million in 2018 you can decide to give N2000 monthly as the Lord provides for you."

Her explanation for making this particular demand is that the givers will become stupidly rich.

In her words, "This is for you to get stupendous wealth saying I'm changing level. If you are one of them, I want you to step forward. Don't wait for anybody. I don't beg people to come out. This is what brought me to where I am today. I used to be poor!"

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Freeze reacts

The OAP and leader of the free the sheeple movement has reacted in a lengthy Instagram post.

The caption of the post, which features former U.S president, Barack Obama, reads, "Funke Adejumo this message is for you. It shows a poverty of ambition to just want to take more and more and more! ~Barack Obama. Barack speaks the Gospel truth despite not being anointed.

"When Moses was building the sanctuary he requested contributions from the people, when he had enough he told them to stop contributing. When Paul was down and out people sent him their contributions but when he had received enough he told them to stop.

"AT WHAT POINT DO NIGERIAN PASTORS REALIZE THAT THEY HAVE TAKEN ENOUGH? Every day it's one money making scam or the other. If it's not tithe, it's first fruit or offering or seeds in foreign currencies."

As usual, Freeze's caption was accompanied by Bible verses. In this case, he used Philippians 4: 17-18 and Exodus 36: 2-7.

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Rev Adejumo and seed sowing

The popular preacher is gaining a bad reputation for constantly asking for financial donations from her congregation.

In one video, she is seen asking citizens of a foreign country to donate €100 ( N41k) for financial upliftment.

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Rev Adejumo is seen in another video asking church members in Canada to sow a seed of $1000 (N365, 000).

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She is yet to respond to the negative backlash from social media users.