“Ebola Disease Will Go But A Much Deadlier Airborne Disease Will Ravage The Land” – Popular Prophet

He shared several visions which he claimed will determine the fate of Nigeria, urging everyone to pray hard

Popular Prophet, Elijah Ayodele has dropped more revelations and this time it is about the future of Nigeria, politically.

Primate Ayodele who predicted the defeat of Malawian President, just concluded his 91 days fast and spoke to City People where he shared several visions which he claimed will determine the fate of Nigeria, urging everyone to pray hard.


Nuhu Ribadu’s issue started with us when he became the EFCC Chairman. We said then that he was going to be removed unceremoniously. And when he was about contesting for the presidency on the ACN platform in 2011, I remember we also said that he was not going to win. Now, in the Adamawa governorship race, I do not foresee Ribadu being allowed to run for the primary but he will have a bright political future. The acting governor of Adamawa, Fintiri, is also in the radar. The acting governor will have some chances of winning but there will be gang-up against him towards the main election. But he has to pray very well because he is the face of his party’s chances in the main election. Buba Marwa has a very slim chance in the race.

I foresee that the chairman of PDP, Adamu Mu’azu will make efforts to reconcile the PDP and will make efforts to bring back those who left the party. And I foresee him also making efforts to ensure that Jonathan wins a second term at all cost. But Mu’azu must be careful so that PDP big wigs do not disappoint him in 2016. There is a gang-up by his colleagues in the PDP to frustrate his future politics. I foresee a serious gang-up against Vice President Namadi Sambo. He should pray very well so that his office is not negotiated for 2015 scheming. We predicted it in the past that some PDP big wigs would run with Jonathan at the primary. But President Jonathan can only win a second term if he handles the issues of Chibok school girls well and the security challenges facing the nation. Some PDP governors will work together to make sure that Jonathan win a second term. I foresee a terrible dimension in the Boko Haram terror saga. We must pray against religious war in Nigeria. I foresee Africa engulfed in very deadly Islamic terror attacks.

I do not foresee the Jigawa State governor, Sule Lamido, winning the presidential ticket. I will advise him not to waste his resources on the primary election. He is likely to lose political relevance. I have warned him before and he should abide by God’s warning. The international community will go against Jonathan’s 2015 ambition because of the security issues and the school girls’ abduction. They are vital to his re-election plan. Nigeria will have diplomatic issues with some foreign countries of these two vital issues. And the international community will be worried about his second term ambition because of these two national issues.

I foresee Nigeria facing a bigger security and economy challenges. President Jonathan will want to deal with these issues which will work briefly. I foresee African countries going into a security summit to deal with the challenge. And I foresee more African countries experiencing serious terrorism apart from Nigeria and Kenya and a few others. And let us be careful so that there will not be a military coup in any of the African countries, bomb attacks and killings. I have said it before and I am repeating it now. I am not talking about the Lesotho experience, which I have said before. I am saying I foresee a military coup happening in another African nation, so we must pray very seriously. Sudan crisis will persist. Let’s pray against the death of an African president. Jonathan should be careful in his second term bid, as I foresee series of petitions by the opposition against his second term bid and the opposition will campaign against him all over the world.

I do not foresee the House of Representatives Speaker, Aminu Tambuwal, winning the presidential ticket of the APC. And he must seek the face of God before crossing from PDP to APC. I foresee a lot of challenges for him. He will have the chance if he runs for the governorship of his state. Most of the people who ran to APC, I foresee them coming back to PDP. APC will change its name and logo. APC will have serious problems after the 2015 elections. I foresee General Buhari fighting to become president under APC. The Buhari/Tinubu presidential ticket will not be realistic in 2015. Tinubu needs serious prayers for his health. Tinubu should drop his presidential ambition in order to take care of his failing health. There will be fears during the 2015 elections but God said there will be peace in some regions and people will be anxious to vote for a change. Elections will not hold in all areas in 2015. There will be attempts to snatch ballot boxes.

I do not foresee Nigerian Super Eagles having an edge over Congo in the match coming up in Nigeria soon. And they must be focused in the match against Congo. The beginning of the Super Eagles matches will be tough initially but eventually they will have a slim chance to qualify. There will be shake-up among the service chiefs. The acting Inspector-General of Police, Suleiman Abba, will not stay long in office; that is if he is eventually confirmed as substantive IG. He needs prayers to execute his visions for the police. I foresee deaths among the new AIG’s and the DIGs, let us pray. Let the Air Force and police pray against plane crash.The Aviation sector needs total cleansing. The new aviation minister needs to be prayerful and be careful because I foresee the civil servants plotting against him. I foresee new regulations in the aviation sector and security recruitments. He will make efforts to transform the sector, he will bring innovation there but some people will not be happy with his policies and will work against him.

He needs a lot of prayers to survive the plot. Finance Minister, Okonjo-Iweala’s formula will still not help Nigeria’s economy and I foresee plots against her which may create crisis for her in the cabinet. President Jonathan should pray for his health and his wife, Patience, should also pray for her health. We should also pray not to lose any of the First Ladies and a former governor. All serving governors too should pray against sickness and death. Former House of Reps Speaker, Dimeji Bankole’s political ambition needs prayers. His political ambition will be challenged. Crisis will rock Oyo and Ogun NURTW. Also, crisis will rock Lagos NURTW, especially in Bariga, Somolu and Ipaja area. There will be factional court cases at the NURTW national level.

APC must be careful so as not to lose Ogun State in the next election. Governor Ibikunle Amosun of Ogun State will face a lot of crisis which may redefine his politics and will expose his government to danger. He must be careful while on outing and his personal security must be well fortified. His associates too should watch their personal security. Amosun should pray against accident. Governor Ajimobi of Oyo State should be careful so as not to lose his seat. I am warning him now to re-strategize his politics so that the opposition does not unseat him. God says I should warn him. He must take the warning seriously. I foresee APC losing Edo State. Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State will have challenges. Let all these governors pray very well and sit tightly. I also foresee APC losing Rivers State. The next National Assembly must be watched. I foresee serious problems between the assembly members and the executive arm.

President Jonathan and his vice, Sambo, will have issues before 2015. If Sambo is eventually returned as vice president in 2015, there will be issues between him and his boss. Let us pray that we don’t lose a onetime federal minister from the north and one from the southwest. I foresee the death of a former Inspector-General of Police. I don’t foresee the Labour Minister, Emeka Wogu becoming a Governor in Abia State. He needs to seek God’s face in his political career. I also foresee challenges for Senator Nkechi Nwaogu who wants to become governor in Abia State. The next Abia State governor will shock people. Both Wogu and Nwaogu have serious challenges facing their political career. They need lots of prayer so that they do not waste their money. Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State must manage his political ambition well because I foresee him facing some challenges. He must be very watchful so that PDP does not snatch the state from him. PDP is making serious underground efforts to unseat him. Okorocha will be scandalized. Governor Obiano of Anambra must be careful so as not to lose his political grip on the state. I foresee crisis in Anambra APGA.

There will be an attack on petroleum refineries. Oil thieves will be exposed. Some ministers will be removed before December 2014. I foresee another national conference coming up in the future. Nothing will come out of this one they just concluded. It will not be utilized. PDP will lose members in road accident. Aruma Oteh will face fresh crisis. I do not foresee Akin Ambode becoming the governor of Lagos State. PDP may win in Lagos if Ambode is fielded as APC candidate. I foresee Chief Bode George struggling to be relevant in PDP, but soe will come togetherHis efforts in Lagos PDP to field his candidate will be defeated. He needs a lot of prayers. There will be political tensions in Anambra, Imo, Kwara, Ekiti, Kano, Kaduna, Abia, Jigawa, Lagos, Oyo, Ondo and Ogun States.

Fashola may step into Tinubu’s shoes as APC leader after his tenure in office if he seeks the face of God for his future politics. But his fellow governors in the Southwest will fight with him. I foresee some APC top shots decamping from the party because Fashola will want to install his own candidate. I foresee Jonathan removing his spokesman, Reuben Abati. There will be serious plots against Abati. The Army will also remove its spokesman, Chris Olukolade. An unknown name will become the next Ikorodu oba. I foresee bomb attacks on Kano, Kaduna, Lagos, Abuja, Rivers and let us pray against boat mishap.

I foresee Scotland having its Independence in the near future, not now. I saw strange flags in a vision and I asked God what is the meaning of this? He said, we should be prayerful so that Nigeria does not disintegrate. It might cost Nigeria a lot to determine the Boko Haram challenge but Nigeria will defeat them. However, I foresee another terror group coming up. Syrian President Assad will be attacked at his presidential lodge, which may lead to his death. President Jonathan will put machineries in motion to win at all cost. Let us against the death of a prominent Pastor. There will rumbles in the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN. Fuel scarcity in Nigeria is certain, as NNPC staff workers will stage protests. There will be crisis in the Nigerian teachers’ union.

I foresee Glo, MTN, Airtel, Etisalat in crisis of network, debts and poor services. The telecoms companies should also beware of fire incidents and litigations. First Bank will have crisis, Sterling Bank will retrench staffs, Zenith Bank will not see litigations. CBN and Fidelity Bank should also pray so that they do not have issues with their customers. I do not foresee Oceanic Bank and intercontinental Bank being reinstated. I don’t foresee the winning their court cases. The CBN Governor will want to make some positive changes but his efforts will not be appreciated much. Some CBN directors will have issues with him. I foresee religious crisis in Nigeria. Let us pray against ethnic crises in both Delta and Rivers State. I foresee APC winning Ondo State in the next election if they have a strong and sellable candidate.

I foresee the death of a vegetarian Nollywood actor. I foresee the death of journalists, let us pray very well. Alabi Pasuma will lose money and suffer a contract failure; he needs prayers because I foresee him as a future leader in music. Saheed Osupa will face crisis and he should pray well not to have spiritual attack. Ayinla Kollington, Pasuma and Osupa should pray against serious sickness. Salawa Abeni will run into serious financial crisis. Let us pray so that we don’t lose a Juju music star, as I foresee a Juju star on sick bed. Let Nigerian actors and actresses pray against auto accidents. Let’s pray for our Emirs and obas and obis. Let the Emir of Ilorin, Emir of Zauzau and Emir of Nupe pray for good health.

Let us pray against ethnic crisis in South Africa. I foresee Kenya president facing a lot of challenges; I foresee bomb attacks in Kenya. Ghanaian president’s second term bid will be very challenging. Ghanaian economy will be weakened. Ghana’s currency, the Cedis will also become weak. So, he must pray seriously in order to make it. The Ukraine crisis will not lead to third world war but it will cost Russia a lot. America will take a step that will create crisis for her economy. I foresee Boko Haram bringing deadly gas weapon into the war with the Nigerian state, unless we handle the issue with seriousness.

The new NNPC Group Managing Director will face challenges. He will have issues with the petroleum minister. There will be petroleum shortage between December 2014 and April 2015. Let us pray that the NNPC GMD is not removed unceremoniously. The Group Executive Director of NNPC’s Refinery and Petrochemical and the Group Executive Director of NNPC’s Nigerian Petroleum Development Company will have problems with their duties. They should pray very well. Gas plant will be on the increase in Nigeria. The largest tank farm will be in Nigeria. I foresee changes in Nigerian Liquefied Natural, NLNG, and there will not be stable of power until 2016. I foresee shipping lines having problems. FIFA President, Sepp Blatter, will be dragged to court, as there will be crisis in CAF.

I foresee British Airways going on strike, as they will be sued. I foresee Lufthansa Airways on strike and they will have management crisis and some of their staff will protest. Air France will change its route course and they will also go on strike and there will be new demands among its staff and they should pray not to run into debts. Qatar Airlines will expand its routes in Africa and they should be careful against being penalized. Arik Air will pilots make new demands and the airlines will expand its operations within Africa, Nigeria and the international routes. Arik Air should pray against court cases. FAAN will face challenges and I foresee changes there. Nigeria will defeat Boko Haram in two years time. Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau will be killed. SSS Director-General will be reappointed. I foresee crisis in Catholics top hierarchy. There will be a gang-up the Pope. Ebola disease will go but a much deadlier airborne diseases will ravage the land. Let us pray against fire at markets in Ibadan, Kano, Lagos, Kaduna, Abia and Onitsha. Iyaloja Shade Tinubu should pray against serious scandals, as crisis in the market leadership will rub on her integrity.

The UK’s Prince Charles should pray to avoid being eluded by the kingship. The UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, should pray so that his politics is not jeopardized. The London Mayor, Morris Johnson’s political structure and future will boom and he must pray for political elevation in all his steps and he will lead the party to new victory. America will defeat the ISIS but the Islamist group will regroup to fight back. America should pray against gun killing and unexpected fire outbreaks. China will lead global economy. America and China will have economy war among themselves. America will lose a senator, a Hollywood actor and one time president. Taiwan economy will rise.


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