Reports say members of Jehovah’s Witness have been banned from participating in the upcoming elections.

This also includes voting or contesting for any official post in the elections.

According to PM News, the church claims that participating in an election was satanic and contrary to God’s commandment.

It was also gathered by the newspaper that members of Jehovah’s Witness were given stern warnings not to obtain voter’s cards and that they should not vote during the elections.

Reports say the consequences of disobedience by any member includes excommunication from the church.

PM News say the directive was indeed confirmed by members of the church who claimed the order was right 'because they are still waiting for the kingdom of God that is yet to be established on earth'.

A Jehovah’s Witness pastor, James Uduok, reportedly agreed with the directive, stating that every member of Jehovah’s Witness knows that participating in election is satanic and contrary to the will of God.

The pastor also argued that the teaching of the Witness was strongly embedded in the Bible and all members must adhere strictly to the teaching or leave the congregation.

Other members had reportedly defended the decision not to vote by quoting  Mathew 6: 9 and Mathew 4: 8.

It was learnt that members of Jehovah’s Witness claim that this world belongs to Satan and insist that God’s kingdom has not yet come.

Seeking the opinion of pastor who are not Jehovah's Witnesses, PM News reports that their responses were contrary to the teaching of the Witnesses.

The interviewed pastors all said Jehovah's Witnesses were misinterpreting the Bible, warning against false preachings.