Pastor accused of raping children on trial as more evidence emerge

In 2013, he was indicted with eight felony charges for aggravated sexual assault with minors and indecency with a child

Pastor Geronimo Aguilar

A former pastor and founder of Richmond Outreach Center, Geronimo Aguilar who was accused of inappropriate conduct with minors during the 1990s has been taken to court after he was indicted for aggravated sexual assault with minors and indecency with a child.

In 2013, he was indicted with eight felony charges for aggravated sexual assault with minors and indecency with a child. Since then, new evidence is rising to the surface, All Christian News reports.

Aguilar, also known as “Pastor G,” was indicted of 2 first-degree felony charges that are punishable by life in prison. The case has not officially gone to trial.

With new evidence coming to light, Aguilar’s defense is scrambling to keep it out of the trial next month.

The trial will take place in Fort Worth, TX. Originally, Aguilar was only accused by two sisters who were 11 and 13 at the time of the alleged assault by the pastor.

“I was 13 and it started out the same way, where he was very flirtatious and then it progressed,” one of the girls said. She also shared that it was within about a months’ time that the pastor was forcing himself on her.

“I was about 11 when I had my first encounter with Geronimo that was inappropriate,” the younger sister shared.

The newer information includes more victims, accusations of STDs, and forced abortions. The state of Texas is attempting to add these items to the list of charges against the former mega-church pastor when the upcoming trial takes place. Court documents list the evidence as “extraneous offenses and other crimes.”

Aguilar’s attorney is making equal efforts to exclude the newfound information from this case. He filed a motion to keep it from being introduced during the proceeds, arguing that there is no solid proof of the acts and that it is not admissible.

In the new list of accusations is another underage female victim who claims to have been impregnated at the age of 15. It is also believed that he made funds available for an abortion. There are also claims that he had the girl moved to Michigan to keep his actions a secret. Court documents also include STD claims.

Another incident has also surfaced with a girl who was supposed to be babysitting Aguilar’s children. The girl, who was 16 at the time, claims that he touched her inappropriately.

Over 120 witnesses are on the documented list of people who could be called to the stand in June. A pre-trial took place on May 9 to consider the viability of the new accusations for the upcoming trial.


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