Life is filled with a lot of challenges but thankfully you dont have to face them on your own. Here is

How Muslims can overcome life's challenges

God's messenger believes that the best thing to do is to is to seek Allah's help.

According to Aisha, one of Muhammad's wives, this was the prophet's way of dealing with issues.

She said, "Whenever something bothered the Prophet, he would rush to stand in prayer."

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It is in prayer that he would find comfort and patience needed for the situation. Its no wonder Allah encourages Muslims to "Perfect your patience until it is a perfect and beautiful patience."

Allah also says, "Seek help through patience and prayer."

With prayer and patience, you have everything you to deal with and successfully overcome life's challenges.

More advice from the Prophet

God's messenger encourages Muslims not to neglect their prayers, also known as Salat. He stresses this in the Quran.

He says, "Oh Abu Dharr! Surely, so long as you are in Salat, you are knocking on the door of the Great King, and whoever knocks much on the door of the King it will be opened for him."

On another occasion, he also adds, "Oh Abu Dharr! Allah…has made me to love Salat like food is made loveable to the hungry and water to the thirsty. And surely the hungry one, when he eats, he is satiated and the thirsty one, when he drinks he is quenched but I am not satiated from Salat."

Watch the video below to get more advice from God's messenger.