• Elon Musk sent
  • engineers to Thailand before traveling himself and working with his engineers to build a child-sized submarine that could assist the rescue operation.
  • Some have criticized his involvement as a PR stunt, and many joked after the submarine was deemed "not practical" by those leading the rescue mission.
  • He later posted conversations with the dive team that confirm the submarine was desired, and he is leaving the submarine there in case it can be of use in the future.
  • He has now commented on those criticizing him: "Something’s messed up if this is not a good thing."

Elon Musk has hit back at those who have criticized his attempts to help recuse the 13 members of a Thai soccer team that were trapped in a cave for more than two weeks.

Musk tried to help in a variety of ways, including traveling to Thailand, sending engineers to the country and building a small, child-sized submarine.

He said on Twitter on Wednesday that the reaction has "

@dtemkin This reaction has ... @ Elon Musk

He was replying to another Twitter user, who wrote: "@

Musk's submarine was deemed "not practical" for the mission by . But

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But others have defended his efforts and use of personal time and company resources to help with the mission.

everyone: elon musk is a bi... @ Dayton Potter

Jeez, people all over the w... @ Scott Manley

Most of the world will not remember the names of the Thai SEALs who risked their lives on the ground to save the soccer team. But they will remember Musk."

On Sunday, Musk hit back at a Twitter user that accused him of using the crisis as PR stunt. "they wrote.

@DocJohnG @dcliem If I am a... @ Elon Musk

"If I am a narcissist (which might be true), at least I am a useful one," Musk replied.