• richard branson boat

    From basketball courts to floating helipads, here are the megayachts owned by some of the wealthiest people in tech

  • Photoshop app logo app store

    How to flip an image in Photoshop to get the mirror image of any photo

  • iphone camera

    How to flip a picture on your iPhone using Photoshop Express, to get its mirror image and save it to Photos

  • vape

    The mysterious spate of vape-related deaths and illnesses continues to grow, confounding experts. Here's what officials knew and when.

  • Comet Neowise is easily visible in the night sky this week. See the most dazzling photos and videos of it so far.

  • Amazon is launching 20 healthcare clinics in 5 US cities for warehouse workers and their families (AMZN)

  • This intense-looking humanoid robot is performing coronavirus tests in Egypt — here's how it works

  • window swap website

    This website lets you gaze out of strangers' windows across the globe to escape the boredom of quarantine

  • Airbnb is getting ripped apart for asking renters to donate money to landlords

  • Google has started allowing right-wing financial site ZeroHedge to make money off its ads again a week after banning the site for violating policies on hateful content

  • In a rare move from Apple, the new iPhone 12 could be cheaper than most other 5G phones (AAPL)

  • Elon Musk says he still supports Kanye West's bid for the presidency, but he thinks '2024 would be better than 2020' (TSLA)

  • Grant Imahara, the host of 'Mythbusters' and Netflix's 'White Rabbit Project,' has died at the age of 49

  • A Norwegian designer created a $13,500 tiny home office with tinted glass to be a perfect backyard workspace — see inside the Studypod

  • Anti-LGBTQ regimes are surveilling dating apps to prosecute people across the globe. Here's how each dating app's security stacks up.

  • Amazon Dash Cart

    Amazon's new grocery store will have a smart shopping cart that lets you skip the checkout line (AMZN)

  • nih coronavirus vaccine

    A leading antibody expert says you can get coronaviruses again, so 'there's not much we can do until there's a vaccine'

  • EFF police surveillance atlas

    This interactive map shows you whether police departments near you are using facial recognition, drones, body cameras, and other surveillance tech

  • Lego NES console

    Nintendo and Lego teamed up to create a Lego version of the classic NES game console, on sale August 1 for $200 (NTDOY)

  • Amazon said it lets warehouse workers wash their hands and miss quotas without being penalized. Workers suing the company say they were never told.

  • The WHO said 'too many countries are headed in the wrong direction' as COVID-19 cases spike in Brazil, Mexico, and the US

  • India selfie mobile

    How the 'Jio effect' brought millions of Indians online and is reshaping Silicon Valley and the internet

  • No one can seem to agree on how much Uber and Lyft drivers actually get paid (UBER, LYFT)

  • WeWork says it's a year closer to profitability than previously planned thanks to 8,400 job cuts

  • How to use speech-to-text on a Windows computer to quickly dictate text without typing

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