AUDACITY, a Techcabal Tech Women Lagos exhibition, which ended last week, showcased 50 women at various stages of their careers in Nigeria’s tech ecosystem.

The goal — to motivate the next generation of women and show that they can also have careers in this ‘male-dominated’ industry.

Business Insider SSA by Pulse looks at 10 inspiring women ruling Nigeria’s tech ecosystem:

Tarebi Alebiosu

Years in Tech — 17

Alebiosu is the Managing Director at Yoke Solutions Limited. She founded the company in 2006 to offer technology solutions for the Lagos State Government, Rural Electrification Agency, Adam Smith International, Topbrass Aviation and other organisations.

Tech Women in Lagos state (techcabal)

Maya Horgan Famodu

Years in Tech — 5

Famodu is a venture capital investor, entrepreneur and founder of Ingressive Capital, a $5 Million venture fund focused on early stage African tech.

She is also the founder of a tech integration company called Ingressive. Past clients include top Silicon Valley investors and corporates Y Combinator, 500 Startups, New Relic, USAID, GitHub, and Techstars.

Tech Women in Lagos state (techcabal)

Lola Masha

Years in Tech — 10

Masha is the Director for Trust and Safety at OLX Group. Her job is to ensure that buyers and sellers can do business safely and securely across 30+ OLX markets.

Tech Women in Lagos state (techcabal)

Koromone Koroye

Years in Tech — 2

Koroye is a creative writer, speaker, poet, and communications consultant.

She used to work at Flutterwave, a payment technology company. Now, she works in Communications and Marketing for Clane Nigeria.

Tech Women in Lagos state (techcabal)

Ifeoluwa Olokode

Years in Tech — 5

Olokode is the Partnerships & Growth Lead at LifeBank, a healthcare technology and logistics company.

Tech Women in Lagos state (techcabal)

Folayemi Agusto

Years in Tech — 3

Agusto is the co-founder of Eat Drink Lagos, “the go-to bible for inhabitants and visitors deciding where and what to eat and drink in Lagos”.

She is also the Travel Experience Manager at a technology company called Andela.

Tech Women in Lagos state (techcabal)

Desiree Craig

Years in Tech — 8

Craig works as a Technology Product Manager at Andela, a tech company that builds “high-performing distributed engineering teams with Africa’s top software developers”.

Tech Women in Lagos state (techcabal)

Damilola Marcus

Years in Tech — 5

Marcus is an award-winning Designer, Art Director and partner at Dá Design Studio.

She works with a team of designers to create visual branding for tech companies.

Tech Women in Lagos state (techcabal)

Adeola Shasanya

Years in Tech — 5

Shasanya is the Co-founder of Afro Tech Girls, a non-profit venture.

It organises programs to educate and help young girls opt for careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

Tech Women in Lagos state (techcabal)

Mohini Ufeli

Years in Tech — 4

Ufeli is a Media Manager at Paystack, a technology company powering payments for businesses in Africa.