With Eyowo, people can send and receive money, buy airtime, pay bills, make cardless ATM withdrawals, request and accept payment from customers using only their phone numbers. 

You can also save and earn interest, borrow money at zero interest and have access to dollar cards to carry out international transactions. 

Eyowo’s retail feature allows business owners get instant settlements, track payments for their products & services, manage inventory, get access to useful customer data, and generate reports with just one tool. 

Payments for transactions made using Eyowo retail are also settled instantly, and deposited into the business account. 

“Eyowo was created in an attempt to solve the financial inclusion problem in Nigeria. It is truly a bank for all, and with Eyowo retail, our aim is to help business owners, SME’s, sell more and grow their business effectively. Businesses across Nigeria can now accept more forms of payment; cash, card, bank transfers, and Eyowo," the CEO of Eyowo, Tomi Amao says.

Introducing Eyowo: The new bank on your phone number
Introducing Eyowo: The new bank on your phone number

According to him, Eyowo will significantly expand the customer base and horizon for internet-enabled businesses who today can only receive payments from bank account holders. 

Pulse staff, Jonathan Ekowho, was at the Eyowo launch event and had the opportunity to experience Eyowo first hand at the Eyowo marketplace where guests paid for their drinks, food, souvenirs and fun experiences using Eyowo.

Eyowo is available on Android, iOS, USSD, Interactive voice recording (IVR), SMS and on the web.

To find out more dial *4255# on your mobile phone or visit www.eyowo.com

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