Hot Banga soup and Starch (Photo credit -Matsecooks)

Banga soup is a delicious dish made from palm fruits. It is often paired with either starch, pounded yam, eba (made with garri) or fufu (made from cassava).

Banga Soup is quite popular in the Niger Delta, the South East and South-South parts of Nigeria.

Here is how to prepare this lovely meal, according to Chef Zoey Blaq, the owner of Zabambam Kitchen.


  • Palm fruit extract (major ingredient)
  • Crayfish
  • Stockfish
  • Fresh fish 
  • Special banga spice
  • Pepper 
  • Oburunbebe Stick (Banga stick) 
  • Dried Beletientien leaves 
  • Seasoning cubes
  • Salt to taste 

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Wash and cook the palm fruits.

Extract the oil from the palm fruits by pounding it.

Next, boil the extract until there is no oil left.

How to extract palm fruit extract for Banga soup
How to extract palm fruit extract for Banga soup

Then, add already cooked stockfish, pepper, crayfish, salt and seasoning and banga spice.

Put in your obunrubebe stick (a special banga soup spice used to add flavour to the soup). This can be re-utilized for subsequent cooking.

Cook a few minutes before adding the beletientien leaves, also known as atama leaf in Efik language. Let it boil some more before adding washed fresh fish. You can also use beef or chicken.

Reduce the heat and let it simmer for a while. 

Your soup is ready! Don't forget to remove the stick before you serve.