Here are 10 unusual foods Nigerians eat

From termites to bats, we take a look at some uncommon and bizarre things eaten in this West African country.

Winged termites are some of the unusual foods eaten by Nigerians

Here are 10 unusual and totally unconventional foods eaten by Nigerians:


Considered weird, dangerous and scary to most, these are a favourite for many Nigerians who say they taste like fish. These are served well-seasoned, roasted or fried.


Bat meat

Used as scary creatures in many horror movies, these winged mammals can be found on many expressways just waiting to be sold.

Dog meat

For many people, dogs are man's best friend, in certain parts of the country, they are man's best delicacy.


In places like Akwa Ibom, Cross Rives, Ondo andLagosstates, dogs are properly cooked and served with palm wine or plantains and sauce. Don't knock it off until you try it.

Cow Brain Stew

Unlike the regular stew that goes with chicken, turkey, beef or fish, this one contains cow brains. Regarded as a delicacy for some tribes, it is used to prepare a special stew known as "Kwanya."

Nigerians aren't alone in this as Indians also use this for a meal called Maghaz or magaj. This dish is gravy served with brains from either a cow, goat or sheep.



These are usually fried with palm oil, smoked or dried.

Winged Termites


These are considered a snack in some parts of the country. Found during the rainy season, they are collected, washed, salted and roasted to the delight of the eaters. They are commonly referred to as "esusu" and "chinge".

Grasscutter Faeces

Who wants to something that faeces attached it, you ask? Well, Nigerians apparently do. The droppings of grass cutters are collected and used by people in certain parts to prepare soup. This is because of the belief that it is nutritious and makes the food smell great.



This is a favourite among children who delight in hunting them down. Once they are found, they are fried, boiled, salted, or sun-dried and munched upon.


Like grasshoppers, this is another fave for kids who take great pleasure in hunting for them and then taking them home to be fried or roasted with pepper.

African Palm Weevil Larvae


Anyone travelling to the South has most likely seen these on the roadsides. Popularly known as "Akokuno" or edible worms, these are usually roasted with pepper.

According to a 2011 medial report, these are highly nutritious, extremely rich in proteins (66%), lipids (37%), essential amino acids, potassium and phosphorus.


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