Pulse Album Review Drake gives everything to the world on ‘More Life’ playlist

“More Life” gives him more in coverage, and continues his successful march in music innovation.

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Drake - More Life artwork play

Drake - "More Life" artwork

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Drake, a rap artist who made the switch to pop success is music’s biggest artist at the moment, and he continues to expand his reach and his wave by expansion. His experimentations paid off last year on the “Views” project, with Nigeria’s Wizkid showing up on the most streamed single of all time, and the influences from the Caribbean also making it into the project.

Expanding his musical influences has proved successful, but no one knew the extent of it until now. “More Life” arrived and everyone has something in it that feels personal, local and refreshing.

Through a rather long 80 minutes, Drake tours the world, and its biggest sounds, bringing a little bit of everything back into the project. Of course he has his friends on it. 2 Chainz, Kanye West and Young Thug are on the project. But that’s not the full story.

Burna Boy and Drake play

Burna Boy and Drake



The full story is in the large expanse of sound. His interest on Grime features Skepta and Giggs (the latter appearing on two tracks), while his obsession with Dancehall brings forth the most delightful track, ‘Passionfruit’, which is both silly, and genius, because the genre inspired the name of the project.

Africa also gets a share of the spoils, as Kwaito music – the dominant sound of South Africa – is supplied by a collaboration with leading DJ, Black Coffee, on ‘Madiba Riddim’. Down in the streets , there are still undecided Nigerian fans, who swear that the song has uncredited Burna Boy vocals. No official comment on that yet.

But don’t consider this a successor to “Views”. It is not the album to follow the pop phenomenon that it was. Rather, it’s a just Drake flexing his muscles and influences, and curating them all into one huge set of songs, designed to grow his penetration into diverse markets. “More Life” gives him more in coverage, and continues his successful march in music innovation.

Rating 4/5.

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