While you may be thinking about gifts and what you should do to celebrate Valentine’s Day, the biggest challenge is the perfect outfit to justify the day.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to dress up and impress the special guy in your life, especially if you suspect he might just pop the question this year. So you shouldn't even consider dressing down at all. You have to be fashion ready.

It's no news that red is one of the colour that represents love and Valentine's day is one of the best times to rock it. Whether you have a fancy dinner date or a weekend getaway, we have carefully selected amazing red outfits that would make you look nothing short of gorgeous.

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Here are red fashionable outfits that you can rock on Valentine's day.

1. For official dates, you can rock a sequin flowing gown that would leave an unforgettable impression on your date. You can also leave out your skin by showing off your legs.

Ruffles are also not a bad idea for your outfit. It would help you make a fashion statement.

2. For a casual date, you can rock a sexy short gown. The style can either be a bodycon or flare dress.

3. For your party date. Your valentine's day date doesn't have to be formal. It could be party time with your date or you hit the club with your female friends.

Rocking sexy outfits with your friends might help hitch a bae.