• first trial
  • an aspiring sports agent, an AAU coach, and a former Adidas executive who is accused of bribing high school basketball player Brian Bowen Jr. with $100,000 in exchange for his commitment to play at the University of Louisville.
  • While the FBI does not have cases against all of the programs that will be linked to the scandal, the NCAA could impose penalties if they can corroborate claims of wrongdoing.

Assistant coaches at Arizona, Auburn, USC, and Oklahoma State are accused of accepting thousands of dollars in exchange for guiding athletes toward certain financial advisers and business managers, and former Adidas executive James Gatto is accused of bribing athletes to commit to programs donning three stripes on their jerseys.

This video from Deadspin's Nick Martin lays out the basis for these FBI charges:

This first case to go to court focuses on the trial will illuminate specific coaches, players, and programs that may have engaged in bribery and fraud — both federal crimes — to secure top recruits.

According to ESPN'S Mark Schlabach, "t