• Sean Spicer, Trump's first White House press secretary, is planning a new TV show: "Sean Spicer's Common Ground."
  • Judging from early reports, he is having trouble securing guests.
  • Stormy Daniels' lawyer Michael Avenatti and anti-Trump comedian Kathy Griffin already seem to have declined offers to appear on the show.
  • They are the only two potential names publicly associated with the show so far, and no confirmed guests have been announced.
  • Spicer also has no confirmed network for his show, so it isn't clear where it will eventually air.

Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer has a TV talk show in the works — but early signs suggest that nobody wants to go on it.

The show, which will be called "Sean Spicer's Common Ground", became public knowledge yesterday after The New York Times published details from a pitch document for a pilot episode.

It soon emerged that two guests potential guests Spicer had spoken to about the show decided not to do it.


"The relaxed atmosphere is an ideal setting for Sean to get to know his guests as they discuss everything from the media to marriage. They might even tangle over the merits of making your bed or the value of a great point guard."

A pilot episode is reportedly in the works, and could be recorded in July.

I turned down Sean Spicer f... @ Michael Avenatti

Spicer confirmed the show to The New York Times, and said: "

The show appears to be the latest effort by Spicer to stay in the public eye after giving up his White House job in July 2017, six months in to the Trump administration.

He has also recently started a podcast with Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich, and has a book, " target="_blank"