Nigerian governments new strategy to defeat Boko Haram seems ridiculous

Nigerian government are proposing new strategy for displaced people in Borno that looks bleak.

The governor of Borno state Kashim Shettima, who is currently leading a state that has been shredded down by 8 years of long conflict between the Nigerian military and Boko Haram has spoken of the new strategy to defeat Boko Haram.

He was reported as saying that, “there’s beauty in numbers, there’s security in numbers. So our target is to congregate all the people in five major urban settlements and provide them with means of livelihood, education, healthcare and of course security.”

Shettima said that this will hopefully work as a long-term solution for the security of the people and also for finally defeating Boko Haram.


The intended plan is set to start in the east of Borno in the town of Bama to test and make improvements to the plan before extending it to other towns in the state if it is successful.

The plan involves bringing back thousands of people who fled the town of Bama and the surrounding area to seek refuge in camps in Maiduguri and other locations.

These displaced people will be housed in towns such as Bama, which was largely abandoned by its inhabitants when Boko Haram took it three years ago but recaptured by the military.


Unfortunately, this looks like a bleak plan as many of Bama’s buildings are still lying in utter destruction and largely uninhabitable. Communication channels like telephone lines and even electricity wires remain down still. This is even after 2 years after the military recaptured the town from Boko Haram.

For two years, the military and government have said Boko Haram is all but defeated, and the remnants are being cleaned up.

Also the military is largely unable to control territory beyond the cities and towns it has taken back from Boko Haram. That means many of the nearly two million displaced people across the northeast cannot return to their homes in rural areas.

Although the displaced people are willing to return to their city they are only willing to do so voluntarily if living conditions are right and also it is guaranteed that it is safe for them to live there.

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