• Some of the world's richest people control wealth more than entire countries' GDPs, and with that comes immense dangers of being attacked or kidnapped.
  • Three bodyguards to celebrities, billionaires, and royals, whose clientele include Miranda Kerr and Benedict Cumberbatch, shared their tips on how to protect them.
  • Note: This interview was conducted in 2017.
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It can be hard to fathom how some of the world's richest people live, and the vast wealth that they control.

Many billionaires around the world are worth more entire countries' GDPs . Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, the richest person in the world, controls so much wealth that pending $88,000 to him is similar to an average American spending $1, according to Business Insider's calculations .

Having that much money also comes with immense dangers Walter Kwok, the eldest brother of Hong Kong's richest family, was kidnapped by a local gang and held for ransom in 1997. He was released after his family paid the gang nearly $80 million, according to The New York Times , and was reportedly traumatized until his death in 2018.

So how does one protect them? Business Insider spoke to three bodyguards from Intelligent Protection , a British bodyguard firm, to find out.

The 60-person firm's clientele has included billionaires, business executives, royal family members, and celebrities, such as supermodel Miranda Kerr and actor Benedict Cumberbatch. The company declined to provide the names of other clients for security reasons.

Intelligence Protection has bodyguards deployed around the globe, CEO Alex Bomberg told Business Insider, with teams in the UK, US, France, Spain, Italy, Monaco, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Jordan, and the Bahamas alone.

Here's are six lessons Bomberg and his colleagues shared on how they effectively protect the world's rich and famous.

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