What your wrist watch says about you

This small wrist gadget illustrates our style and performs other functionalities in the daily activities of man.

A wrist watch

The invention of Internet and smartphone have changed our lifestyle including taste, fashion and choice. But one thing remains, the necessity of wrist watch is yet to be defeated.

This is because the small wrist gadget illustrates our style and performs other functionalities in the daily human activities of man.

When you ask any Millennial about the need for a wrist watch, the best answers would be help tell time and make you look good.


Beyond these possible answers, your wrist watch performs the following functions and tells these things about you.

You are a punctual and conscientious person

First, wearing a watch shows is that you are always conscious of time since the basic function of a watch is to check time. More important, it tells that you are a conscientious person.

It has been proven that people that wear watch tend to be willing to their duties diligently and thoroughly.

A study by David Ellis and Rob Jenkins revealed that when a group of people who had not wear a watch in life were introduced to it. They are observed to be more punctual and conscientious with their duties and responsibilities.


It is an extension of your personality and style

One thing your watch also do is stating your personality. Just like every bearded man is considered real man, so is your wrist watch stating that you have a simple personality.

It is, as a result, most of the Chief Executives are seen putting on this gadget to explicitly communicate their style. Which is sometimes used as point discussion commencement with some of them.

Thus, take out wearing a sub-standard watch from your mind.

Always make sure you wear an original watch when you decide to start wearing one.


It turns you to a Totem

One of the best way to be a natural totem is through wearing a watch. A totem is a natural object or animal that is believed to have spiritual significance and adopted as an emblem.

For business purpose, this may be a major attraction to your to-be business partners and clients.

Many of C-suite executives I have come across usually start first time conversion on a littler note. Sometimes at a job interview, your prospective employer may like to make at you feel at home by first discussing some social issues with you, hence your watch may be the starting point.

Productivity level and work attitude


It is generally believed that most people that wear wrist watch on their left hand are more productive at work. Also, wearing a watch portrait you as one with good work attitude as you are likely to have a good work outline and with allotted time.

Also, the simplicity attribute of a watch connotes that you keep the focus on one and not easily distracted.


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