These two African countries are among 10 world countries with most obese people

The report is an irony as these countries are facing food scarcity problem, but poor nutritional lifestyle seems to be add more obese people to their population.

Based on the report, there are 28.2 million obese people in Egypt and 21 million in Nigeria. These figures put Egypt as 7th and Nigeria as 10th most obese countries in the world. The United States of America (U.S.A) ranked most obese nation with 109 million obese people in it.

Although obesity is not a specific disease, it is a breeding ground for several ailments and severe health conditions. For Africa with food scarcity and rising food price problems, it is difficult to explain the causes of this diet malfunction. However, the change in nutritional lifestyle of most people in the continent was noted as major culprits.

An imagery travel of these African countries provides clear reasons for growing number of obese people in them.


1.    Egypt

In Egypt, the increasing number of obese people can be adduced to mainly their nutritional lifestyle. Children and adults in the country consume more of carbonated and heavily carbohydrate based food.

It is also noted that being obese is fast becoming a sociable and socially accepted posture for a woman. It is adjudged a sign of good living.

2.    Nigeria

Similar trend can be observed in Nigeria, as the rapid spring up of many Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) have changed nutritional lifestyle of the people. More so, the societal norm that being obese means good living is one of the main for this high number.

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