• Prince Charles tackles horrors of the slavery and  Britain's involvement in the trade

Prince Charles finally admits to Britain's role in slavery.

The Prince of Wales has acknowledged the United Kingdom's involvement in the "most painful chapter" of Ghana's historic relations with Europe.

During his landmark speech to members of the Commonwealth, he spoke of the "appalling atrocity" of the slave trade which left an "indelible stain on the history of our world."

Prince Charles also highlights Britain's determination to abolish slavery.

In his words, "While Britain can be proud that it later led the way in the abolition of this shameful trade, we have a shared responsibility to ensure that the abject horror of slavery is never forgotten, that we abhor the existence of modern slavery and that we robustly promote and defend the values which today make it incomprehensible, to most of us, that human beings could ever treat each other with such utter inhumanity."

Prince Charles visits Ghana, Nigeria

The Prince of Wales is currently on a four-day visit to Ghana. The purpose of this trip is to strengthen relations between the country and the UK. He is expected to speak at the International Conference Centre on the last leg of the visit.

Prince of Wales and his wife, Princess Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall will be visiting Nigeria from November 6 to November 8, 2018.

During their stay here, the Royals will speak with President Muhammadu Buhari in an attempt to strengthen the existing ties between Nigeria and Britain as members of the Commonwealth.

Speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), the British High Commissioner to Nigeria, Mr Paul Arkwright said: “People do want to come together and if we can provide that kind of environment then hopefully, we can come up with some ideas and solutions to resolving some of these conflicts."

“Some of the issues like the farmers/herders crisis are deep-rooted and are about the economy, land resource, climate change and cultural issues.

“The Prince of Wales will be looking at the causes, talking to people who are working in this area and together, seeing if we can find solutions and move on.”

This will be Prince Charles' first time in Nigeria since his last visit in 2006.