10 common myths about pap smears that you should stop believing

Pap smears are a normal part of an OB-GYN visit. Here are some myths that you likely believe but should stop worrying about.

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  • A routine pap exam can help women lower their risk of developing cervical cancer
  • It's important to dispel myths about the pap exam so people aren't misinformed about their role in preventative care

MYTH: Getting a pap smear is always extremely painful.

MYTH: A pap test is the same thing as an HPV test.

MYTH: If you get a pap test before having sex, it means you're not a virgin.

MYTH: Pap tests are completely unaffordable.

MYTH: If a person only has one sexual partner, they don't need to get a pap test.

MYTH: The pap test is an STI test.

MYTH: You don't need a pap if you got the HPV vaccine.

MYTH: You only need a pap test if you've had sexual intercourse.

MYTH: If you get an abnormal result from a pap test, it always means you have cancer.

MYTH: Pap smears aren't even a thing anymore since gynecologists started offering HPV tests.


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