Ghanaians have a long history of travelling internationally. Many migrate internationally with the aim of seeking work and better opportunities for themselves and their families.

Ghanaians require visas to visit many of these countries but these don't come cheap for many countries.

In this list, Business Insider Sub Saharan Africa has compiled the prices of five of some of the most sought-after visas for Ghanaians. The list only looked at the cost of visas for visit or tourist visa which typically lasts for six months or under. Despite widespread calls, many of these embassies do not offer refunds when visas are bounced.

The United States of America

The United States comes on top with the most expensive visas on our list of countries. A tourist visa to the United States would set an applicant back by 160 dollars which is approximately 704 cedis. This could be more depending on what pertains at the currency markets.

United Kingdom

Britain is a very popular destination for many Ghanaian travellers. That is because of the colonial link between our two nations. However, it doesn’t cost peanuts to obtain a visa to the United Kingdom. Prospective travellers from Ghana would have to part with 119 dollars for a standard visit visa to the UK, which is about 522 cedis.


The world's largest island is also a popular place for travel for many Ghanaians despite the many hours of flying that it would take one to get there. Visas are also another hurdle that a prospective traveller would have to deal with. A subclass 600 tourist visa to the down under would set you back by 135 Australian dollars which is approximately 166 cedis.


Despite being a fellow Commonwealth country, Ghanaians do not enjoy visa-free access to Canada. Ghanaians wanting to visit the land of maples would have to cough up 100 Canadian dollars which is about 333 cedis.


In the last two decades, China has become a significant player in terms of trade and development cooperation for many countries. And Ghana has not been left out. The world’s second-biggest economy is the source of many items on sale on many Ghanaian markets. Aside trade, the Far East country has been a great attraction for many Ghanaians. Staying true to the low prices Chinese products are well-known, visas to visit the country are relatively cheaper compared to other leading economies. A visa to China would cost you just 50 dollars which is just about 219 cedis, making it the cheapest on our list.