Coronavirus: Here is how to reduce your chances of contracting the infection by up to 90%

A fist bump is the way to go as scientists say it can protect yourself against various infections including the coronavirus (heavy)
  • The novel coronavirus, officially known as Covid-19, continues to make its way across the world.
  • As of today, March 4, 2020, there are over 93,000 cases around the globe, with most of them in China.
  • With the growing spread of the virus, scientists say handshakes and other greeting gestures all need to be replaced with a fist bump which can reduce your chance of bacterial transfer by up to 90%.

Researchers have found a new way for people to protect themselves against the coronavirus.

Health experts are recommending fist bumps as the best form of defence as the outbreak since it has the lowest risk of transmission.

According to a study in the American Journal of Infection Control, fist bumps can reduce bacterial transmission by up to 90%.

Another alternative are hi-fives which reduce people's chances of coming in contact with bacteria by up to 50% through hi-fives.


Handshakes, which is an extremely popular greeting gesture, increases the risk of the viral transfer by double the amount of bacteria you can get from a hi-five.

This is why scientists at Aberystwyth University in Wales are saying that fist bumps are more "hygienic."

"Adoption of the fist bump as a greeting could substantially reduce the transmission of infectious disease between individuals," the study stated.


With the continuous spread of the virus, a fist bump is definitely the way to go.


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