Getting a haircut is one of the most sensitive steps for every woman especially if it’s happening for the first time.

However, some cannot deal with lots of hair so they prefer to have a cut. Low cuts are also one of the trends we find amongst our celebrities.

Some women prefer natural hair while some will opt for a low cut. Although, low cuts require quite a lot of maintenance.

Before getting a haircut, you need to know the shape of your head which will determine the kind of cut to go with. If you don’t know the kind of haircut to have, these celebrities will inspire your style.

1. If you have good edges, you can Tiwa Savage’s style. The rough curls define the shape of your face.

2. For a daring person, you can go with Nancy Isime’s style. You can decide whatever colour of dye you want.

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3. Getting a haircut is quite daring, so if you’re not willing to let it all go, you could try this. Simi's style will give you the opportunity to weave the hair if you want to change your look.