Arguably one of the ongoing season's strongest contender, Kiddwaya's eviction came as a shocker to fans and viewers alike.

In his final week in the house, the reality star's billionaire father, Terry Waya revealed plans to share the N85 million prize with Kiddwaya's love interest, Erica should he emerge winner of the show. It turns out the TV personality had more noble plans.

Kiddwaya's billionaire father, Terry Waya [Instagram/@terrywaya]
Kiddwaya's billionaire father, Terry Waya [Instagram/@terrywaya]

In a recent interview with Pulse, the fan-favourite former housemate shared that the entire winnings would have gone to his foundation which is currently in the works.

"My initial plan was if I won, I would have given all the money to a kid's foundation which I want to start soon. All that money is going to supporting and helping the less privileged and people who need it", Kiddwaya revealed.

Speaking on the foundation which he calls Kidd's Foundation, Kiddwaya said: "It is going to be about empowering people. For example if you have a little business that you need help starting, we can help you with some funds to improve your business cause what I want is, Poverty is a very difficult thing to cure".

"It is almost impossible. So, I want to empower one person that can empower ten other people", he added.

The former Lockdown housemate was evicted from the show alongside Prince on Sunday, September 13, 2020.