The product, which targets the global market, is trying to solve the problem of conveniently accessing medical professionals.

A Global Healthcare Solution

According to its founder, Dr. Omiete Charles-Davies, “When we were building the product, we made so many changes to help us solve healthcare problems on a global scale. We did our research by contacting doctors in many countries, including the US, UK, Nigeria, and even New Zealand. We asked many questions to help us understand their healthcare systems and thought deeply about the best way our product could solve the accessibility to healthcare issue."

The healthcare industry differs from country to country. Some countries like the UK have a centralized healthcare system run by the government, where the majority of patients are seen in state-run hospitals. While this system gives universal coverage and gives everyone a fair chance at getting attention to their healthcare needs, it might take some time to get an appointment with a specialist if you don’t have an emergency.

For instance, you might want to see a dermatologist and while they’re many, it can take weeks to get an actual appointment. In this case, people will not mind a system that works faster and turn to private medical practices.

One Doctor solves this problem by linking you with a private doctor in your city, expediting the time it takes to see a specialist. The service is free.

Other systems, like the American one, are run by private health companies but doctors generally accept particular insurance plans. On One Doctor, you can filter healthcare professionals by what insurance they accept. This solves the problem of driving down to a clinic, only to hear they don’t take your insurance plan.

A Breakthrough for Doctors

For doctors, the challenge of running a private medical practice might include not getting a regular flow of patients that fit your specialty.

Also, there’s a problem of patients canceling at the last moment or not showing up at all without notice. One Doctor solves this problem by listing doctors based on their specialty and insurance accepted, doctors also can receive appointments directly in their dashboard from the platform.

According to the founder, “We made booking a doctor appointment so easy and in very few clicks that we expect each doctor to get many appointments from us every month. While it is free to list on our platform, you need to be on our premium plan to be able to receive appointments.

To reduce the barrier for entry, we give each doctor a free appointment when they sign up, to test how it works, and to see that we will actually send patients your way. Our premium plan is also significantly cheaper than other similar products.

An Evolving Healthcare Industry

One Doctor hopes to be at the forefront of the evolution of the healthcare industry into a more personalized one by innovating and launching new services to solve the many problems with global healthcare delivery.

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