The objectification of Tems

Tems opts for less revealing clothes and has not branded herself sexually but people still found a way to objectify her by making lurid comments about her backside.

Tems is a singer who is best known for featuring in the song Essence with Wizkid {Instagram/temsbaby}

Tems always wanted the focus to be on her music and not her body but she is still being objectified on the internet.

Tems has become a household name after her hit songs 'Try me', 'Damages' and her feature on Wizkid's popular record 'Essence'.

The song is getting popular by the day. American celebrities are constantly listening to it on their Instagram Stories.

Tems is a peculiar and soulful singer. The success of 'Essence' has been pivotal for Tems career. It is opening her up to superstardom and people are even comparing her with Tiwa Savage.

She goes the extra mile to cover it up. She takes her pictures in portrait mode or she sits, she wears big shirts, jackets, and bodysuits.

Although body positivity started as a way to combat fatphobia, it now means that women can do whatever they want with their bodies.

This concept although so simple seems so difficult to comprehend.

A woman who is comfortable with scanty clothes or she goes the extra mile to cover up should not be objectified.

She should not be seen as a sex object to satisfy men's fantasy.

Men should always know when they are admiring a woman and when they are being creepy and disrespectful.

Meanwhile, the conservatism of Tems might be temporary, we might see her switch up to a sexier look in the nearest future. A picture of her in a bikini was making rounds on Twitter.

The obsession with her backside has added to her popularity (especially on Twitter), and it seems as if she is teasing us until a full baddie is revealed.

Whatever she chooses to do with her body and however she dresses is her decision as long as she is comfortable and appreciated respectfully as opposed to excessively lewd and vulgar.


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