Popularly known as Ube in South Eastern Nigeria, this fruit has a variety of health benefits.

African pear or bush pear is a popular street food in Nigeria, mostly eaten with roasted or boiled corn. When unripe, it is pink in colour but turns dark purple when ripe.

Among its many nutrients are carbohydrates, sugars, fibre, vitamins such as thiamine, pantothenate, folate, vitamin C and B6, niacin and riboflavin. It also contains antioxidants and minerals.

1. Helps in increasing skin health

Because Ube is rich in Vitamin C, it is a strong antioxidant and a dietary supplement that can prevent scurvy and keep the skin glowing.

2. Helps in healthy bowel movement

This fruit is rich in fiber and helps prevent constipation and also ensures regularity of bowel movement. It adds bulk to the stool which makes the process of passing stool easier.

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3. High in calcium and used for toothpaste

Bush pear is has a lot of antimicrobial properties. The antimicrobes keep bacteria that are responsible for mouth odour and tooth decay away. Its high concentration of calcium and phosphorus makes it a good supplement for the development and maintenance of healthy bones and teeth.

4. Used by local doctors

The green paste of the pear is used by traditional doctors to treat open faced wounds. Ring worms, skin rashes, and other parasitic wounds are cured using Ube.