Growing up in a low-income family, I used to look forward to days whenever we had a chance to eat outside the regular menu. As you know, the typical low-class family diet is 90% carb and 10% everything else. On very special days, you may get a slice of fruit. In those days, food like apple pies, casseroles and burgers only existed on TV!

I was buzzing with excitement when my mom brought home our first a toasting machine and I ate my very first toast bread. I was beyond the moon with happiness. From then on, I would save my money to buy sliced bread and eggs, and make toast for myself. As time went on, I are a lot – too much, of toast bread and the taste became dull, too familiar. I slowly began to lose interest in egg-filled toast bread.

The interesting thing about cooking because you love it is that your mind wanders around seeking different ways to make the same meal. Most times, you end up shocking yourself, as I did with my darling toast bread.I came up with these five toast bread fillings after repeated experimenting.. You should try them too.


This makes one of the most delicious sandwiches you have ever tasted. You can dice them or cut them in strips. I personally recommend the latter, as it’s chewier. The margarine melts around the coconut pieces, causing them to stick together. The combined taste is a yummy experience you’d definitely want to try out with friends.


I’m a huge fan of fresh shrimp, so I asked myself, ‘What would you get when you combine my two favorite foods together?’ and this came to mind. All you have to do is boil or fry them, remove the hard shells and lay in as much as the bread can take. If you love giant shrimps as much as I do, then prepare to get a taste of heaven with this combo.


I always seek out ways to balance my experience when trying out dish combo ideas. This one came from my inner spirit telling me to try something I could suggest to vegetarians. And you know what? It was marvelous. For even better results, douse the corn and chopped spring onions with a bit of vegetable oil, mix it up, and fill your bread with it.


As shocking as this sound, the taste was even a bigger surprise. I mean, why eat bread with hot cocoa separately when you can have it as a sandwich? I got my inspiration from chocolate spreads and felt this was a much cheaper way to get the same experience. A little water to make the cocoa powder into a thick paste is all you need. Sweet tooths will definitely love this one.


There’s no way I can go one month without white meat, especially chicken. And there are times when I would have some of it left in the fridge from the night before. Well, believe me when I say it makes an excellent filling for toast bread. Boiled, fried, roasted, barbecued; it doesn’t matter. Dice it; add some pepper (I recommend black) and you are good to go.

Making toast bread can be fun and exciting if you are willing to try out new fillings. You do not have to stick with the regular egg and tomato option, when several options can easily replace them and deliver a more delicious experience. All you need is time, a love for cooking and an open mind.

Enjoy your new toast experience!


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Alaric Bane is a writer, web-content creator, Natural Science teacher and self-taught cook. He writes scripts, product descriptions, synopses, outlines and articles for a living. Bane is also an amateur actor and sketch artist.