The pleated skirt is forever a classic piece and successfully dominated the fashion scene for some years with some stylist getting creative with the trend.

Some consider pleated skirts as an old school trend while others feel it is best kept for sophisticated occasions but the fact is that pleated skirts are classic pieces that can never go out of style. With its longer length and cinched waist the pleated maxi skirt flatters all figures, shapes and body types.

A pleated skirt brings a perfect combination of feminine sophistication and street style. There are ways you should be rocking this trend in 2020. Today's article will show you how.

Here's a guide on how to rock pleated skirts in 2020.

1. You can rock your pleated skirt with a statement belt while maintaining a sleek look. Simple can be more fun with this style.

2. Add a certain level of elegance to your look by rocking a lovely blazers. This look would go for a stylish workwear.

3. Step into that party with this statement pleated skirt and classy look. This heels can also be switched for sneakers if you need to run errands.

4. You can crop it to your party while maintaining a classy look. Showing off a little skin wouldn't be a bad idea.

5. Rocking a two piece isn't a bad idea. You don't have to wear a different top all the time. Stand out at your next party with this amazing look.

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6. Add some sass to your look with a laced top and a colourful pleated skirt. This look will give you a classy and sexy appeal.

7. Pairing your pleated skirt with a floral top is a stylish way to pull off this trend without breaking any fashion rules.