One of the best ways to slay at every occasion is to be alert about the trends, which can range from fashion to beauty.

Pearl makeup is taking over the beauty trends in 2020, but it originally started towards the end of 2019. We didn’t get a grasp of the trend but it has come to stay and we love what we’re seeing.

Most people wear pearls as jewellery, even from way back in the ’80s but its versatility is explored in the beauty world. Beauty influencers, editors and makeup stormed on this wave and we’re loving it.

The trend was first spotted on the runway at several fashion weeks and we can say it has found its way to the streets. It involves sticking pearls on some part of your face in a certain pattern that looks fascinating.

The pearl makeup trend is all shades of simple as well as elegant and it can be used for minimal and bold looks. The patterns you use to apply the pearls totally depend on your creativity and style.

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We spotted some of your faves who have jumped on this beauty trend and we can’t tell you they did justice to it. Here are some of the celebrities that jumped on the pearl makeup trend.

1. The gothic look seems very difficult to pull off but Ini Dima Okojie found a way to rock the look with the addition of the pearl makeup trend. The pearl was placed in a semi-circular pattern around her eyes.

She goes subtle with her eyes and all the way out with her lips colour. This is definitely a lovely way to jump on the trend.

2. Bisola Aiyeola didn’t hold back with the trend as she spread them to her hair. The pattern she used was all shades of royalty as she paired the look with bold lips.

The pearls followed an interesting pattern that started from the side of her eyes, all the way to her hair. This is another way to rock the look.

3. Ponytail hairstyles can also be switched up with pearls just as seen on Beverly Naya. She scattered the pearls all over her hair as you can one by the side of both sides.

You can go subtle with the pearls just like Beverly.