Wikipedia defines rape as a type of

The act may be carried out by physical force, coercion, abuse of authority or against a person who is incapable of giving valid consent, such as one who is unconscious, incapacitated, has an intellectual disability or is below the legal age of consent.

Rape has a psychological effect on the victim, something that is never taken into consideration by the rapist as long as he get what he wants.

They end up giving different reasons for resorting to rape including blaming the victims or at most, the devil.

But on closer research, we now have five major reasons men resort to raping women.

1. Dealing with rejection

One of the major reasons men give as to why they rape women is that they have been rejected by women in the past and they feel inadequate.

So by overpowering someone from the opposite sex, the man can feel relieved of the shame of rejection.

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One might wonder why a man who was rejected by a woman rapes another one but when the psyche of a man is analyzed, it is clear that the subconscious mind believes that people who share certain similarities are the same and therefore, they should be punished for the offense committed by people in their species.

2. Feeling superior to women

Men naturally want to feel superior to women but some of them fall prey to low self-confidence issues which force them to believe that they are inferior to women.

In such a case, the shame becomes unbearable and those men start to find another way to feel superior.

Sane men will usually find a healthy path to gain superiority such as building self-confidence or succeeding in life while other men who are too scared to do this might start taking a short cut,which is raping women, to feel superior.

3. Expression of power

Men feel they are superior to women because of their ability to dominate them sexually. Because of these beliefs, some men start to seek that kind of domination in order to feel more manly.

In other words, some men rape women in order to assert their manhood especially if they had doubts about their own masculinity.

4. Revenge

Some men rape women in order to take revenge from that specific woman, from a woman who resembles her or from women in general.

Men who are rejected or downgraded by women naturally turn to rape as a form of revenge and hatred for women generally.

5. Psychological problems

Some men have some psychological problems that affect their ways of thinking and relating to people.

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That will explain why a mature man will rape a baby, or even father's raping their daughters, all in the name of getting sexual satisfaction. These psychological issues could be caused by drugs and alcohol consumption.