Welcome to 'Who Get Ear,' Pulse's weekly list of songs you need to play. After a week hiatus, we're back with promise - no more hiatuses.

As the major artists get all the attention from the scuttlebutt, we address the ones without a following. Who Get Ear returns with the same purpose as it set out to achieve - showcase the talent that require spotlight. It's Pulse Nigeria's weekly compilation of the top 10 songs you need to play. Thank you for clicking.

Last week, we featured acts like Deji Abdul, Jake Doe, Hengzie, Spesh and more artists. You can read about that HERE. It was an eventful past week in Nigerian entertainment; Burna Boy released a new single, 2baba released a new album, Brymo announced his new album and more. You can follow that HERE.

This week, we feature Deena Ade, Muyii, Marv, Kufre and more artists.

Pick of the week: Yusuf Kanbai - Do and Undo

Performer of the week: Mo'Believe (Hook on 'Lime')

Here are the songs on this week's playlist;

Marvy - Never Enough

Produced by Tesla, this one is an R&B song that documents the lamentations of Marvy. She is frustrated and filled with all the questions associated with a doubtful mind. Nonetheless, her doubts are not too deep-seated to be destructive.

Deena Ade - Cruising At Your Attitude

Produced by her regular collaborator, ThabeatSmith, Ade returns with her second single of 2020. The first was a single titled, 'Bitter.' This writer apologizes for shining spotlight on these singles later than necessary. Over the past two years, Ade has been hardworking - she has released four EPs while she also founded Slutwalk Lagos.

Riding on the altitude of sexual innuendos and romantic entendres, Ade sings about her readiness to let loose sexually. Impeccable.

DolapoTheVibe - Owo

Believe it or not, this talented singer is a US-based member of the US Marine Corps. Yet, she finds time to dedicate different numbers to her other talent. Instead of aiming firearms at hostiles in green zones, she churns out pellets of sound in the musical green zone. In those pellets are wishes for wealth. Importantly, she is co-signed and managed by the legendary Bankulli.

Kufre featuring MOJO - Alariwo

Featuring the fast-rising MOJO, Kufre dropped this one in the middle of February. While Kufre performed admirable and MOJO killed his verse, the central theme of this one is ubiquitous. Nonetheless, it's a vibe.

Yusuf Kanbai - Do and Undo

First off, that name needs to change. It's not only a mouthful, it is grotesque. 'Yusuf' is a fine enough stage name. But once you get past the name, there is some talent in there. He's cut from the Wande Coal school of sound and on a beat that merges electronic effect with mid-2000s Caribbean R&B, Kanbai is enthused by a woman's body.

Mo'Believe - Omo Ase

As Mo'Believe gears to release his 6-track EP, Big Daddy Mo - his second in two years, this is a throwback to this September 2019 release. This track feels like merging 9ice with Brymo while riding on the vocals of a Yoruba panegyric singer. It's also amazing that the guitars that form this beat are cut from electronic. Fascinating stuff.

Watch out for a track titled, 'Owo Patriachy' from Big Daddy Mo'.

Nikita - Better Days

At Teni's The Billionaire Experience in December 2019, she gave the floor to the emerging acts on Dr Dolor Entertainment - the label she is signed to. Those acts were four in number and one of them was Nikita - she debuted 'Better Days,' the single which was finally released a week ago.

While it is obvious that Nikita is still rough around the edges, there's something about this song that makes it land on this list. That thing is that this beat is trapped in 'immense' and laced with a resonant hook.

Tonero featuring Tomi - Hennessy

On this afro-swing number, Tonero returns with a big bang. With a title that's a metaphor to the way a woman can make a man feel, the best part of this song is that mixing.

Muyii featuring Mo'Believe and Ade Raph - Lime

On February 25, 2020, Muyii released his EP, Citrus. At track four is a song titled, 'Lime.' The song feels slightly 'so so' till Mo'Believe injected his hook. Sung in Yoruba, it is filled with proverbs that basically says, "One warning is enough for the wise and you shouldn't force wealth."

Gogowe - Wanna Be Somebody

On tweaked afrobeat, Gogowe is a paragon of determination.