December 2019 was an intense period in media and journalism. A lot of things had to be done that didn't require a blase attitude. As such, I thought that if I couldn't give my best to the upcoming crop of talented Nigerian artists, I would not do something half-hearted. So, I put 'Who Get Ear' on hiatus.

For that, I apologize and I know Nigerian artists deserve more. When one works hard, they deserve premium representation in media. For that reason, Who Get Ear returns, with the same purpose as it set out to achieve - showcase the talent that require spotlight. It's Pulse Nigeria's weekly compilation of the top 10 songs you need to play. Thank you for clicking.

The last time you heard of it was probably too far back to remember anything. You can click HERE to see that. This week, we feature Deji Abdul, Jake Doe, Hengzie, Spesh and more artists.

Pick of the week: 'Sare Wale' by Jibz Supreme.

Here are the songs on this week's playlist;

Doche - No Dulling

On hi-life, Doche finds an Oliver De Coq brand of artistry with a vocal texture peculiar to franchophone acts for a number about partying. Apparently, Doche is Steve O - the fame party monster. At his party, there is no dulling. This is an absolute jam.

Hengzie - 100

Trap&B forms the canoe on which Hengzie casts his nest and hopes to catch a fish - in form of women, money and success. He hopes to keep it 100. Those pianos are impressive and so is that bass riff alongside the interloped voice sample.

Olumba featuring PricelessAY and Omolade - Don't

Olumba is the music producer who produces and puts clips on his Twitter account. This time, he teams up with AY and Omolade for an impressive track about celebrating love.

Deji Abdul - Drumline

London-based Deji Abdul was known to a few people via Souncloud. In January 2020, he released his debut EP, the 6-track Hybrid From Lagos. 'Drumline' is an R&B number built on dreamy cloud strings and ethereal vocal effects. Lyrically, he fills his song with zingy aphorisms on the effects of love.

Danny Boy - Feel Am

Interesting. This one is built on a dancehall&B beat with which Danny Boy is equal parts a wide-eyed dreamer and a vindictive wishful thinker. Well, we do have a low hanging fruit.

Mo'Jeezy - Coffee

If Deji Abdul used 'Drumline' as a metaphor for his heartbeat to the tune of love, Mo'Jeezy finds his own beauty in interpolating Rey Mysterio's WWE theme song, '619' - a theme which began at his maiden WWE title win - with the power of description. The beat is something to dream of - ohhhh, those drums are to die for.

He uses coffee to describe the beauty of a black woman. Well, coffee contains caffeine and caffeine is a narcotic... oops. Shout-out to GMK.

Spesh OG - Rose

Well, we step away from the topic of dreamy love and immerse ourselves into the world of a dominant woman. The drums are also good, but as the beat is also a merger of dancehall and R&B, Spesh OG delves into the world of appreciation with lewdness.

BizzontheTrack - Ironu Oloja

On a beat that feels like the fusion of reggae melodies with Yoruba folk percussion fitted for contemporary R&B, BizzontheTrack sounds like Kizz Daniel as manages to find a middle ground between socio-political critique with the longing for a woman. This is the second-best pick of the week.

You can also listen to Bizz's new EP, HXB HERE.

Jibz Supreme - Sare Wale

From his new EP, Listen, Jibz Supreme presents this afrobeats number that appeals to a faceless woman to come back home - it's a break up song. His EP, Listen is an amazing listen. This song by far the pick of the week.

Jake Doe featuring Dunnie - Reason

On January 31, 2020, Jake Doe released his EP, TBDL. It's an amazing medley of R&B and trap. On this one, he features producer, singer-songwriter, Dunnie on the topic of love and its many sickening tendencies.