Welcome to the 68th installment of ‘Who Get Ear,’ Pulse’s weekly list of the 10 songs you need to play this week.

It’s been a cold, rainy and stop-start week, but still we’ve had a few situations. Wizkid continues to talk about Made In Lagos while Davido continues to promise a new single. We have seen nothing, but both acts contine to commendably headline and kill shows.

Last week had some good features and you can pree that list HERE.

This week, we feature acts like Remy Baggins, Fiokee, Illgod and so forth. You can catch the full list below;

Miles From Mars – Rain

They're WeTalkSound guys, so you know it’s going to be good. It consists of Ibadan-based Abbey and the talented Soul Blacksheep.

It’s a psychedelic neo-soul song which could resonate with you if you give it a chance. It might be an acquired taste, but this list is all inclusive and all types of good songs will make it.

Sung in Yoruba, it tells a story of undying love affair that stood or looks destined to stand the test of time.

Illgod featuring Timi Kei – Respiration

Word on the street says Illgod and Timi Kei have been keeping it real since 2Go days. Illgod is the reclusive, mercurial producer known for his Kalakuti sonic experiences and Timi Kei is the ace MCee that was the taste of Port Harcourt; the best since grilled fish and boli before he became a creative hermit.

Nonetheless, we forgive both of them for delaying the inevitable because they’re here now.

Running on guitar strings fit for a neo-soul anthem and kick drums reminiscent of The Cool and Food and Liquor era Lupe Fiasco, the unashamed Christian, Timi flexes his lyrical muscle with biblical puns and Christian metaphors on this bar-fest.

This might be the best rap solo of the year.

Remy Baggins – Freaky Ass Intro

The last time our sonic coffers was boosted with full Remy Baggins, it was his brilliant EP with Eri Ife titled YLLW.

This new one is titled, HENTAI. Yes, you read it right. For those who didn’t, it’s titled, ‘HENTAI’ and it’s absolutely brilliant, cohesive and well-produced – of course, it is.

It could have been any song on this nine-track project, but let’s stick to this one. It’s the intro and it will give you an idea of what to expect from the project with details like the drums, the buccaneering honesty of lyricism and the lewd energy it exudes.

P.S: A guitar solo awaits you.

Here’s to you not getting pregnant or getting someone pregnant this weekend…

Mide Michael and BeezyX = Toygun

This is the title track from the four-track EP both acts released seven days ago.

The project deals with an array of interesting topics, but this is a standout for the vocal interpolations, sonic experience and nostalgic trumpets on it.

It represents the beauty of music in its pure form.

Ignis Brothers – Alien At Home

A year after releasing ‘Braveheart,’ this group consisting of the very talented, Dwin The Stoic, Ruth Zakari and Lamide Aranmolate are back with this beautiful ballad.

Only a few things scream instant affection like a good ballad and this is no different. On the piano chords lies a story of the importance finding strength when none seems forthcoming.

The song preaches how running might harm prospects than even fear threatens to.

Ikenna – Everybody

This one blends moombahton with afro-fusion. It is also delivered in a blend of Yoruba, English and pidgin.

The story is a cautionary tale on what to and what not to do.

Save Fame featuring Jaywon and Natty – My Way

An impressive debut from Next World Music’s new signee Save Fame.

On this one, he sounds like a Yoruba-speaking, 2019 version of Duncan Mighty.

This is a bop.

 B’Rhymszs – Champion

‘Champion’ feels like something off the Patoranking alley. The guitar strings sound like something Naughty Boy or Walshy Fire might be proud of.

The song will definitely make you move.

Fiokee – Dumebi

While he already has the original song featuring Davido and Peruzzi, this one is a ‘remastered’ version that features some new, smooth instrumentation.

Some of new guitar chords are played by the fingers of Fiokee.

Pace Major – We Still Dey

You can listen to the song HERE.

Pace Major is an ambitious young man who wants to be rich so he could live large and be merry.

He speaks the mind of many, but sadly, this message might be lost those people who will simply be caught in the infectious strings that convey the lyrics.