Welcome to another edition of ‘Who Get Ear,’ Pulse’s list of the 10 songs you need to play this week.

Last week was a good one and you can peep the list here. This week also promises to be fire.

In the industry, it’s been an eventful week, but you can detox with these songs.

Here is this week’s offering;

Eso (FliQ) featuring H. Blaze – YBRIAL

I hope you ca overlook the subpar mixing on this song to peep the beautiful bar-nastics.

The song has no symbolisms or metaphors. It’s just about straight bars. I hope you enjoy it – it shows that Nigeria isn’t short on rap talent.

Deena Ade featuring Dami Oniru – Ma Ti Lo

When two soulful Queens of the new school collide, you know it will be quite something.

As we await the release of Ade’s third project in just under two years, this will help fans salivate.

On this alley-oop by the talented Dami Oniru, the queens are not scared to talk about their need for a distant lover.

RnbLoti featuring Tim Lyre – Souvenirs

You might be more familiar with Tim Lyre than you are with RnbLoti, but don’t let it stop you from enjoying this beautiful songwriting about convincing a woman to be on the side of love.

Even if both singers are lying, it is difficult not to envy the way they sing about love. It is also one of the few times songwriting eclipses the production.

Aussie Maze – Femme Fantasia

This song is pure psychedelia with its alternative feel. It’s like a mix of Daft Punk and Chris Corner on a slower beat.

On the other hand, it is also like alternative R&B that Frank Ocean would be proud off. The guitar works perfectly to illuminate this tale about a lover drifting away.

Turunesh featuring Aylo and Brian Simba – Peninsula Fantasy

This is like soul music from the heart of Chicago itself. The organs and pianos perfectly paved the way for Turunesh, sounding like a mezzo-soprano.

It’s another infectious R&B sound. The best part of this beat is the fusion of R&B with afro percussion.

David Meli featuring Jephy Jay – Omade

Ladies and gentlemen, it's not just about R&B and love anymore.

It’s now about vibes and the dancefloor. While it is also an appraisal of womanhood with good songwriting, it is not for the late night.

This one is for showing that love on the dancefloor.

DRB Lasgidi – Alte

The proponents of the Nigerian alte movement are back with another single. The ‘Necessary’ crooners are breaking new grounds, while retaining what defines them, ‘alte.’ The song is definitely afrobeats with a video shot with VHS effects in a party that cannot be mistaken for anything but an alte gathering.

One fully expects that BOJ’s hook to run people mad this summer. This seems a hit, if pushed well.

Tonero – Believer

If you know Tonero, you know he has talent. Just a few weeks after dropping the infectious ‘Thunder’ featuring Abuja-based TrillXO, he is back with this self-produced jam.

The last time out, the self-acclaimed Wave god sang about struggles on a commercial song. This time, he also joins the theme of love that seems to be a central this week.

Of course, let’s share love.

MOJO featuring Prettyboy D-O – Chop Life Crew

This song is interesting. It is like a blend of the trap culture of generation Z and the shepeteri peculiar to the people in the lower rungs of the social ladder.

The rap is impressive. It’s almost crazy how D-O succeeds at nearly everything he does. This one is an anthem to debauchery.

Queen JOD – Fine Pass You (Cover)

You might know the sleeper hit of the same title by T Classic currently making waves on radio.

If you don’t, let this be your introduction. It’s an impressive cover.