On December 18, 2020, British-Nigerian singer, Moelogo released his second EP of the year. It was titled 'Myself,' the second of a self-based trilogy. The first installment in that trilogy was 'ME,' released earlier in the year. Myself was also Moelogo's fourth EP in just three years.

The talented singer-songwriter who had a splendid year, writing for 'Celia's Song' for Tiwa Savage and other songs for Mr. Eazi and Adekunle Gold used the 6-track EP to discuss.

He took to his Twitter and wrote that, "I made a few promises to myself this year and this is one. Enjoy the 2nd chapter of my 3 part series titled ‘MYSELF’ OUT NOW!! Take this one in guys. You will not be disappointed."

The project features more uptempo Afro-pop, Afro-Swing or even Juju-inspired records which sees an introspective Moelogo discuss touching topics from a first-person perspective.

Throughout the EP, it feels like Moelogo is saying, 'The world has a lot of problems because people lack a centre of self, from where most things come. They focus on other people a little too much. I'm not saying be self-obsessed, or self-centred. I'm merely saying that it's fine to focus on yourself sometimes. It doesn't make you self-obsessed or self-centred.'

When there is chaos, he looks at what he did wrong. When in pursuit of love, he quips that that 'Self Love' is required before one can adequately love another. On the amazing 'You,' Moelogo confronts his detractors. It feels like he's finally letting out what he's always wanted to say on a cathartic trail.

On 'Emotions,' he also takes another perspective to discuss how his love isn't properly reciprocated on appreciated. Interestingly, Incisive and M.anifest also deliver impressive rapped verses and serve a purpose.

When he discusses love from a mushy perspective, filled with mushy statements, he's also at the centre of it all. He sings, "Mumidani..."

In English that means, 'Hold me...' or 'Don't let me go...'

At the centre of it all is Moelogo's belief in God. Throughout his career, his music has always referenced that belief. On 'You,' he sings that, "Who are you to be talking down on me, when I be God pikin..."

On 'Self Love,' he prays to God that, "Edumare sho mi o, ma je ki won mu mi o..."

In English that means, "God protect me, don't let them catch me..."

If Magic EP was filled with tons of gratitude, Myself is filled with prayers. On 'Logo's Prayer,' he also shows gratitude to God, but he also offers solemn prayers and speaks positive affirmations for himself. 'Fate' also ends with another bout of gratitude to God.

First off, this EP is another quality body of work because Moelogo is simply incapable of releasing an average project - it's just not going to happen. However, there is a worry that he's repeating the same formula and saying the same thing.

While the central theme of self was not the focus of 'Magic EP,' certain songs on that EP and 'Myself EP' have incredible topical similarities. Gratitude will never be cliche, but expansive topics are important. Equally, 'Myself EP' could have done with a different album sequence.

'Myself' isn't a bad EP, but Moelogo needs more experimentation to expand the range of his topics and music. He can do it, he just needs to be willing to do it.

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