Moelogo returns and the 17-year-old producer known as P-Priime also shines alongside him. 'ME' is a follow-up to 2019's 7-track EP, 'Magic.' But while 'Magic' is more a tale of gratitude and victory over the trials of life, 'ME' is more a case of self-examination, centred around topics of love, trials in love and more.

On Hi-life music from South-Eastern, Nigeria, Moelogo opens the EP with 'For You,' a wringing promise and a warm warning to his lover, 'Cease and desist, b...' For a man who grew up in the UK, Moelogo's act is more Nigerian than that of some Nigerians who grew up in Nigeria. Inject it into my bloodstream..

'Koshi' was produced by P-Priime, but it sounds like something Pheelz could have produced. While Moelogo is lyrically dismissive towards the prospect of having a disloyal partner, it seems at loggerheads with the chants, "Leave am, leave am that's my own..." That chant suggests that he faces an imminent threat from a rival for his woman.

The creative alignment of the different moving parts of this song is lacking. By the time we get to, "The things you do to me...," it seems like we're weaving three narratives together. Moelogo leaves the fan to decipher what he's trying to say and that's an excessive amount of onus. The artist should make the listener understand, not confuse him.

'I Wonder' merges elements of Juju music with contemporary Afro-pop percussion and throws Moelogo back to the socio-political music from Magic. When Moelogo is in this bag, the zeitgeist feels his creativity. Here, he sings about perseverance in the face of willful human obstruction/hindrances. Those guitars are so good.

'Sango and Oya' is a love story rooted in Yoruba history as Tristan and Isolde is to the 12th century or Bonnie and Clyde to American history. Sango is the Yoruba god of thunder and fire. Born of Oyo royalty, his mother is from Nupe. Oya, who is a were-deer is his third wife after Oba and Osun.

History documents how Sango stole the skin that enables Oya to transform from human, back to deer so he could make her fall in love with him. When Sango brought Oya home, Osun and Oba historically hated her and the heated, undying love Sango had for her.

Moelogo uses the heated love part of Sango's and Oya's love story as metaphor. While Sango steals Oya's skin, Moelogo steals a place in his lover's eyes and takes a part of her away from her infant child so he could fall in love with her. But while Moelogo's story ends in the pursuit part with a fly on the wall, Sango's and Oya's story didn't quite end well.

The 'Edun Ara' that gives Sango the power to spit thunder and fire can be swallowed and vomited for safekeeping. He keeps the Edun Ara in Oya's custody. When the Rafia warriors come to town, Sango needs the Edun Ara, but it's become wet. While trying to test the charm upon swallowing it, he mistakenly sets fire to his home and Oya's deer skin with it. Ashamed, history says he takes his own existence.

'Ugly Parts of Love' deftly uses infidelity as premise for beautiful and imaginative songwriting. Moelogo sings, "I cheated on me with you..." In a regretful state, a drained Moelogo feels he maltreated himself by getting in a relationship with this woman. Take a bow, Moe.

Shout-out to OP Jakes for the guitars on this EP.

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7.0 - Victory