Remy Baggins is one of the most talented acts in Nigeria. As a singer-songwriter-producer, Baggins is on his fourth project in just three years. Asides the socio-political diary of a Nigerian millennial that is 'YLLW' - his collaboration with Eri-Ife, Baggins has built his personal discography on topics that pertain to real-life emotional experiences.

On the review for his last project, HENTAI, Pulse Nigeria noted that, "With HENTAI, it looks like Baggins continues a story that started on Eigengrau (His last solo project), which is German for intrinsic or dark grey.

"The album merged genre fluidity in melody-rich soft rock, alternative pop, afro-house, PR&B, trap and afrobeats with sufficient songwriting. It also tells a coming-of-age story that chronologically details frustrations (in love) before ending with the masterful ‘Trippy a** outro.’

"If I’m right and HENTAI is a continuation of Eigengrau, it feels like the frustrations (in love) that Baggins detailed on Eigengrau piqued on HENTAI. The man from 'Eigengrau' has now become a non-believer in love and all things that require faith and emotion. Instead, he's about sex."

Sakura continues things in that line; weird titling of foreign origin and intimate topics on personal life. While Baggins was emotional on Eigengrau and he gave up on love for sex on HENTAI, the sex obsession has since gotten Baggins in love. This time, he has seemingly caught feelings from a sexual relationship.

Like HENTAI, Sakura is of Japanese origin and it means, 'Cherry Blossom.' Throughout this 4-track EP, Baggins is significantly agitated - he's head over heels in love with a girl who isn't on the same emotional page. Thus, as he discusses everything that makes her feel special, he discusses a topic that men seldom admit - rejection.


At the heart of this project is a 'Cherry Blossom,' the faceless woman about whom this project is made. The project opens up to the dancehall vibes of 'As Friends Tho.' Remy Baggins has the masculine ego as he sings, "I know you want to sit down pon it..." hoping the 'Cherry Blossom' would reciprocate.

But instead, she says, "I don't wanna be your lover..." Ouch.

'Show Me The Signs' is a tale of desire and cockiness - again, with the masculine cockiness. Baggins sings, "I know you want me ‘cus you know I know you want to. Take off my clothes and get this work, I’ll put this on you..." However, the girl isn't budging. Baggins is then left grasping at straws. At this point, he's basically begging for it. Well, that woman must have some fire box.

'No Name (Interlewd)' is built on impressive vibes of afro-pop and R&B, it also continues Baggins' tale of longing. While it might seem like a conversation, it's not - it's a soliloquy. 'U' merges 90's R&B sound of the boy band era with the solemness of 80's soul music as he sings in warped out auto-tune. This is amazing music that Baggins has conjured up.

Lyrically, the song is confusing. Upon listening, one could assume that Baggins finally got the girl. However, with what we've been treated to, Baggins might just be reminiscing the good days with the said girl. Thus, the music feels incomplete. We are left to find our own answers to a delicate topic.

Final Thoughts

Remy Baggins has been creative with his projects so far. However, this might be the weakest of the three - it also ever-so-slightly 'safe.' Nonetheless, the man does have an interesting personal life than most people.

Ratings: /10

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Pulse Rating: /10

Tracklist: 1.5/2

Songwriting: 1.3/2

Production: 1.5/2

Enjoyability and Satisfaction: 1.3/2

Execution: 1.2/2


6.8 - Victory